Storage for your classic car in Manhattan

Storage For Your Classic Car

Classic Parking for your Classic

It’s a dilemma. You’ve invested in your passion – a classic, collectible car. Now where do you park or store it in Manhattan?

Welcome to Auto Manor at the Cielo Garage. We’re a boutique garage nestled nearby in Manhattan’s affluent Upper East Side. Here you’ll discover an entire floor dedicated to storing your valuable, collectible vehicle with unparalleled care and personalized service.

About Our Founder

Perry Finkelman, a classic car enthusiast, was interested in collectible and classic car investments and/or fun vehicles to drive on occasion.  The only challenge was that he had no ability to park and store a vehicle safely in a Manhattan garage.  He didn't want often careless valets to drive his car or park too closely to other vehicles.  He believed this would pose a risk to his investment.  Mr. Finkelman decided to solve the dilemma himself by starting the Auto Manor, which would address what were then unavailable solutions to parking classic or collectible cars in Manhattan.  Among the many amenities he implemented, he insisted that no one would drive the cars but the owners themselves, and that the attendants at the Cielo Garage would use hand felt gloves and environmentally sensitive jump suits to insure the vehicles would not be scuffed by clothing.  The garage would also use felt covers for the steering wheel and well foot covers.  The rest is, as they say, classic history!

Classic Car Storage Amenities

No Touch is the Right Touch

We know how particular you are about your investment grade vehicle. So we take as much of “hands off approach” as possible. You’ll park your own car with the assistance of our seasoned concierge attendants. You may also choose to have a dedicated staff encapsulate and protect your vehicle from any elements in an exclusive POD. Garage associates will not drive, operate or even touch your classic, except in extreme emergencies.

Keeping an Eye on the Prize

Our dedicated, trained staff will monitor your car 24/7. No worries, we’re always here to protect your investment. We also offer an optional CCTV hookup, so you can monitor your collectible car anytime – day or night – through a secure interface in the comfort of your home.

On the Job 24 Hours

Constant access to your classic, collectible car is key to you. If you are not on the POD system, you can pick up your car 24/7 with short notice – just like a standard garage. Vehicles in a POD are meant for long-term storage with little movement in and out. In that case, we’ll need 24 hour notice in order to prepare your car for pick up.

Always Fair Weather Here

One of the reasons you’re parking with us is protection from the elements, 365 days a year. We store your collectible car under constant below-grade, natural climate control with air exchanges to the floor. If you choose to store your vehicle in a POD, it will benefit from air exchanges within the POD as designed by the manufacturer.

Classic Car Storage Options

Auto Manor at Cielo Garage is dedicated to customized service. We therefore offer your choice of two Classic Car Parking options:
Please call or email for the a pricing quote

Gold Package (Unlimited Parking & Retrieval)

  • Car Cover (no POD)
  • Trickle Charger, if needed
  • IP Camera, if desired
  • Self-Parking

Platinum Package (Removal Once Every 90 Days)

  • POD Encapsulated
  • Trickle Charger
  • IP Camera, if desired
  • Self-Parking

Removal of your car is by appointment only.  Removal and replacement requires a meticulous procedure.  Therefore, for those who need their cars more than once every 90 days, additional charges will apply.